Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science


The Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science is located in Denton, Texas on the University of North Texas campus. The Academy was founded in 1987 by the state of Texas as a program for exceptionally gifted high school juniors and seniors. It is a boarding residential, co-educational program for Texas residents. Students attend for two years. The director of the program is Dr. Richard J. Sinclair. There are 378 students in the program, which accepts approximately 200 students a year. Students must officially withdraw from high school in order to enter the program however they do receive an advanced high school diploma and roughly 70 college credits upon graduation. The program focuses on the STEM disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students take college courses with the general college population. Upon graduation, 55% of their students attend Texas Universities while the other 45% go on to attend East Coast Ivy League institutions.


Students in the Academy are not required to pay tuition however they must be Texas residents. The Academy is funded by a Legislative Special Appropriation, and from the Foundation School Fund. The Academy covers, tuition, fees and books. Students do pay room and board which costs between $6,326.30-$6,716.00. Students are eligible to apply for scholarships and financial aid to cover these costs. Students are also expected to pay for supplies and pay a $75 school activities fee. An admission requires students to submit four recommendations and their report cards from grades 7-10. Students must attend an interview at the Academy; during that interview students are given an algebra diagnostic test. They must take the SAT and have completed Algebra I, II and Geometry by the end of their sophomore year. The average SAT score of an admitted student is 1923. The Academy admits roughly 40% of its applicants.


The students are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA at all times and emphasis is placed on the STEM courses. Students must take six science courses, two of biology, chemistry and physics, at least two math courses, four English courses, two history courses, two political science courses and a seminar in order to graduate. Students take these courses at the University with university students.


All of the students live on campus in the Academy dorm. Boys and girls live on separate floors and are not allowed to interact with one another in their rooms. There are two Hall Directors and one RA for every 20 students. This is double the number of RA’s as compared to the dorms in the wider university. Students have a curfew every day of the week, Sunday through Thursday students must be in their rooms by 11pm, Friday and Saturday its 1am. There is a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, if a student is found with tobacco they are sent to a class and if they continue with tobacco use they are asked to leave. There are no sports, however there are camping trips every weekend, students can also take elective music courses and participate in University ensembles, there is an Academy drama club and students may participate in the University’s drama department.


The Academy buys the names of potential applicants from the Duke Talent Identification Program. Due to the size of Texas, the Academy recruits by mail and has had no difficult in filling its program each year utilizing only their mailing program.