Resident Honors Program at USC


City and State: Los Angeles, California

Home website:

Phone, FAX, Email: Phone: (213) 740-2961 Email:

Public or Private institution?
Private institution

What is the age of students who attend? Is there a minimum or maximum age for students who enroll?
Students must have completed their junior year of high school.

What degrees does the school grant? AA, BA, BS, BFA?
Students receive any number of degrees from USC, a BA, BS, BFA, masters or even doctorate degrees.

Number of students enrolled.
20-30 students

Number of years students attend?
One year

Boarding? Day students? Both?

Tuition and Fees? Different for in-state, out of state, international students?
Tuition: $40,384 Fees: $1,086

Room and Board? Different for in-state, out of state, international students?
Room and board: $11,458

Single gender or Co-educational?

Accreditation? When and by whom?
Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities. 1949


Requirements to Apply? Tests, recommendations, interviews?
Students need strong support from a high school counselor or principal, an exceptional high school GPA with only a few grades below an A-, an SAT score of 2050 or an ACT score of 32, a resume that demonstrates their ability to do college work, and evidence of a high level or maturity.

SAT/ACT/GPA of admits?
The average SAT (Reading + Math + Writing) is 2200 and the average ACT is a 33. The average weighted GPA of admits is a 4.0.

Opportunities for financial aid or scholarships:
All students who are accepted into the Resident Honors Program receive the Dean’s scholarship, which is the equivalent of one quarter’s tuition, roughly $9,000. This scholarship is renewable every year if a student maintains a full course load and at least a 3.0 GPA.
In addition, students are eligible to compete for all scholarships that are awarded to Honors freshman as well as apply for federal grants and loans.


Kids get their high school diploma as well as accumulating college credits?
USC and the Resident Honors Program do not require students to receive a high school diploma. If students wish to receive their diplomas, they must coordinate a way to do it with their high schools. Generally, students will receive high school diplomas after completing their freshman year at USC.

Students are purely college students?

Required courses?
Students must participate in the “Honors Thematic Option” program in the USC Honors College. During their one-year in the Resident Honors program they are required to take four core courses along with two writing seminars and two additional “Theme Courses” selected from departments across USC College. Click here for a list of sample courses.

Curriculum: Does the school have a focus on STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)? Which majors available?
The curriculum does not focus on STEM classes; student may participate in any of the majors and minors that are offered at USC. Click here for a list.

Is the curriculum a standard college one, or one specially designed for highly talented students? Are standard courses at the college challenging enough?
It is a curriculum that is specially designed to be extremely challenging for students who are enrolled in the USC Honors College.

Academic Calendar (semesters, quarters)?

Number of faculty members? Faculty:student ratio? Average class size? Teachers teach at the ‘parent’ institution too?
Students are taught by USC faculty.

What is the grading system? A-F, numbers, pass-fail?
Traditional GPA

Are there lab facilities that would facilitate the upper level science courses necessary for certain science majors? If not, do students use labs off campus?
Students utilize all of the facilities at USC.

Study abroad encouraged/permitted?
Study abroad is both encouraged and permitted.


If residential, separate dormitory buildings or floors for program’s young students? Girls and boys in separate dorms, or separate floors?
The students live in the dorms with other USC students; t shey are not sequestered in an “Honors Dorm.” Depending on the residence halls, students may live on the same floor with boys and girls or on separate floors.

Supervision: by full-time, adult Residential Counselors? Part-time, older college student Residential Advisors?
All student housing is staffed with trained residence advisors that monitor and participate in life on campus.  Many residence halls also have faculty in residence.  The Resident Honors Program staff stay in close contact with students at all times. Students will have more freedom than in a high school setting, however a staff member can always be found.

Special curfews for students in the program?

Outdoor recreation (hiking, climbing, bike trips…) and organizations sponsored by school?
Students may participate in any of the 725 organizations at USC.

What type of career counseling is offered to the students?
The students may avail themselves of all of the career counseling that is available to USC Honors College students.

Does the program help arrange internships for the students? During school year and/or summers?
Students may utilize and apply for all the internships and research opportunities that are available to USC Honors College students

Are students offered low cost health insurance?
Yes, there is health insurance provided by USC that students can waive or not.